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Samuel Bak: A Painter of Questions
Christa Singer

For over sixty years, from his first paintings as a child prodigy in the Vilna Ghetto, Samuel Bak has produced a remarkable body of work that has earned him an international reputation as a painter of thought-provoking images which raise challenging questions about essential life issues. Samuel Bak: Painter of Questions explores the fulfillment of Bak's early promise and the way his Holocaust experience informed his tremendous artistic output. Bak's work, exhibited in major museums, is an attempt to come to terms with the atrocities that mankind has committed in the past and continues to perpetuate, fusing personal memories and experiences of inhumanity. In the film he returns to Vilna, "the place of pain," to bring about reconciliation with the past. The trip allows Bak to deal with subjects that are more personal, and make his art more accessible

Available in DVD and VHS
Running Time: 48:00
2003 Toronto, ON, Canada

$36.00 DVD