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The Past Continues
Paul T. Nagano

The Past Continues was the first of many books published about Samuel Bak by Pucker Art Publications. The seventy-six paintings reproduced in this volume capture the artist's work between 1975 and 1988 and comprise variations on the themes of the symbolic pear, key and birds, the human figure, the still life, clocks and time, and landscapes of Jewish history. Each canvas is a chapter in a metaphorical memoir — the experience of an individual made universal. From intangible bricks of sheer imagination, Bak builds a solid world of credible impossibilities, astonishing and delighting the eye through his masterful rendition and provoking the mind through his metaphysical tableaus, at once mysterious and lucid.

1988, Pucker Art Publications and David R. Godine
Slip cased hardcover measuring 11 ¼ x 9”
80 pages with full color images
ISBN: 0-87923-723-6