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Creation Out of Clay The Ceramic Art and Writings of Brother Thomas
Brother Thomas Bezanson

A comprehensive third volume on the work of Brother Thomas, Creation Out of Clay examines the work of Brother Thomas from many different angles. With 220 pages, it contains color reproductions of the most spectacular works by Brother Thomas from the past six years. The words by Sister Joan Chittister are a preface to the astounding compilation of essays and lectures given by Brother Thomas over the previous decade.
The book contains color reproductions of over sixty works in public collections. In addition, there is a fine photo essay by photographer Bill Aron featuring the artist at work in his studio.

1999 Pucker Art Publications and Wm. Eerdmans Publishing Grand Rapids, MI
Slip cased hardcover measuring 12 ¼ x 10 ¼”
218 pages with full color images