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This is the Day: Work and Words of Brother Thomas

Rarely are we allowed the opportunity to revisit or extend an idea or project. With the publication of This is the Day we have been privileged to once again share the remarkable works and profound words of Brother Thomas.
Our first Book of Days Celebrate the Days was so wonderfully received we wanted to replicate and expand it. Brother Thomas' correspondence has remained a resource of wisdom: Biblical, prophetic and wise. His perceptions about life, art, beauty and the spirit continue to nourish us and in turn, we hope you and your life.

Brother Thomas' works and words remind us of how blessed we are.

2005 Pucker Art Publications and Wm. B. Eerdmans Grand Rapids, MI
6.5 x 8" cloth bound hardcover
120 pages with full color images
ISBN: 1-879985-15-2