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Gifts from the Fire
Directed by Gigi Pritzker and Deborah DelPrete
Available in VHS and DVD

Gifts from the Fire takes us into the peaceful, private world of Benedictine monk, Brother Thomas Bezanson, a ceramic artist who creates some of the world's most exquisite porcelain pottery. Brother Thomas employs traditional Japanese and Chinese methods, and his delicate artwork requires precision and patience. Each flawless piece must be glazed and fired several times before it is finally unveiled to the public. This remarkable program interweaves the story of Brother Thomas, a quiet thoughtful man who speaks of his life and his work almost as if they are one and the same, with the technical aspects of the making of a single piece of art. An award-winning exploration of the beauty history, and complexity of ceramic art, Gifts from the Fire is of special interest to artisans and students of pottery and philosophy but its appeal is universal.
1992 Pucker Art Publications and DeeGee Entertainment, Inc. Chicago IL
Running Time: 29 minutes