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Ken Matsuzaki : Burning Tradition
Essays by Andrew L. Maske, Ken Matsuzaki, Phil Rogers

With the guidance and teachings of Master Potter and National Living Treasure Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Ken Matsuzaki has emerged as a leading figure in modern Japanese ceramics.  Matsuaki’s work reflects the heritage of traditional Japanese folk pottery while showcasing the artist’s creativity, intuition, and skill.  Grounding his pieces in the Mingei pottery tradition which emphasizes that the beauty of an object is found in its use, Matsuzaki has developed an individual style that honors, builds upon, and establishes new tradition.  This book which includes an in-depth interview with the artist, an essay by Professor Andrew Maske, and full-color illustrations, will introduce the reader to the history and future of Japanese ceramics.

2008, Pucker Art Publications and Syracuse University Press
Slip-cased hardcover measuring 8 ½ x 11”
92 Pages with full color images
ISBN: 1-879985-20-9