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Spirit of Nature
Richard Nunley, Brother Thomas

Spirit of Nature is a visual and written journey through the Berkshire region: the stunning topography of its rivers, mountains, valleys, and fauna; the inspiring light of its gentle sunrises; the height of its awesome days; its fiery sunsets; and its abundance of spiritual inspiration. Richard Nunley takes us on an informative and enjoyable ride through the history of this area. He offers a thorough introduction to the life and work of Berkshire artist Jim Schantz. The words of Brother Thomas contribute a contemplative and deep understanding of the purpose and effect of the artist's work. And then there is the work itself. The richly rendered and dramatically colored pastels by Jim Schantz are more than mere descriptions of the Berkshires, they are vignettes - fleeting moments of peace and splendor. He has the gift of being able to comprehend and describe the physical beauty of the area and its spiritual power. This ability is a source of contentment both for the artist and those who experience his work. Spirit of Nature reproduces in full-color sixty-three pastels by Jim Schantz, representing nearly a decade of his work.

2001, Pucker Art Publications and Syracuse University Press
Slip-cased hardcover measuring 9 x 11”
79 pages with full color images
ISBN: 1-879985-07-1