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Places of the Spirit: The Holy Land Music and Images  Inspired by Israel
Music by Paula Robison and the art of Jim Schantz

"We had dreamed of an opportunity to bring Jim Schantz and Paula Robison to the Holy Land so they could experience it together and also individually; so they could be inspired by its spirit, history and potential. The idea was to excite their creativity to enable a fresh and unique cooperative vision to come into being. Our travels in March 2006 were remarkable. Each of us discovered new points of wonder and awe as we shared visits to various regions and exceptional places. Traditions imbued with an energy of faith were made available to each of us based upon our own life experiences. We each had an immediate response, which was modified and enriched as time passed. The paintings of Jim Schantz beautifully capture the spirit of the place, while Paula's choice of specific music allowed her to richly express her love of the Holy Land and remarkable mastery of the flute. We all believe that together their art can encourage us all to find Peace. We realize that this cooperative adventure was an effort to more fully appreciate time. We learned that each hour, each day and each and every experience in the Holy land was indeed holy. We hope that through the art and the music, this spirit of holiness will enrich your life."
- Bernard H. Pucker, Pucker Gallery Owner and Director, November 2007

2008, Pucker Art Publications

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