Pucker Gallery










Samuel Bak,
Icon of Loss
Samuel Bak, Chess as a Metaphor

Samuel Bak, Between Worlds

Samuel Bak,
Adam and Eve

Samuel Bak, From Generation to Generation

Samuel Bak,
Representing the Irreparable
Samuel Bak, Painted in Words

Samuel Bak, New Perceptions

Samuel Bak,
Landscapes of Jewish Experience

Samuel Bak, In a Different light

Samuel Bak, Told & Foretold

Samuel Bak, The Past Continues
Samuel Bak, The Game Continues
Samuel Bak, Return to Vilna
Samuel Bak, Retrospektive

Brother Thomas, The Path to the Beautiful

Brother Thomas, Offerings of the Spirit

Brother Thomas, Gifts from the Fire

Brother Thomas, Creation Out of Clay

Samuel Bak/Carol Dine,
Orange Night

Ali Clift, Paintings of the Last Decade
Ali Clift, Beyond the Big Top
Brother Thomas, Celebrate the Days
Brother Thomas, Enduring Legacy
Brother Thomas, This is the Day

Hideaki Miyamura, Risk and Discovery
Ken Matsuzaki, Burning Tradition

Tony King, Oak Behind the House

Tony King, Time and Quiet

Randy Johnston,
A Force of Nature

Jim Schantz,
Places of the Spirit

Jim Schantz, Spirit of Nature

Mark Davis,
Ode to Joy
Marguerite Robichaux,
Glorious Slow Going

Enrico Pinardi, Metaphysical Dreamweaver

David Aronson, Paintings and Sculpture

Alexandra de Steiguer,
Small Island, Big Picture

Gerald Garston, A Good Life in Your Eyes

David Sharir, Celebrations: Sacred and Secular
Jim Schantz, Places of the Spirit II









Ken Matsuzaki, YOHEN

Ken Matsuzaki, Elemental

Brother Thomas, Gifts from the Fire

Samuel Bak, Painter of Questions

Samuel Bak, Speaking about the Unspeakable